Web Logic Solutions Software Development Methodology not only provides a structure, but also guidelines, for tailoring alternatives for standard approach to suit varied client requirements and processes.

The framework of our methodology allows us to adopt a variety of techniques and tools for handling projects, hence allowing us to change techniques and/or tools as new technologies take over the IT market.

By re-utilizing clearly defined processes and tasks, our methodology simplifies the development process. The sequencing of tasks and the completeness of those deliverables have been previously proven, thereby ensuring clarity and certainty of the process. Our methodology's proven experience ensures that there are no loopholes to be overlooked or tasks to be duplicated.

Our decision to document our software development methodology stems from the belief that before a process can be improved, it must be documented. We provide complete documentation for the entire SDLC including several drafts during the designing process to make sure we keep up with client requirements during software development with an intention of identifying and improving the software development life cycle we use to develop software.

It is important to note that our methodology is an evolving methodology that is revised regularly. It is not to be considered etched in stone, but acts as a guideline and is to be used to meet the requirements of the current project. We follow the following methodology sequence: